TST01 meets OVP1

A clever combination: TST01 meets OVP1

OVP1 the TELE auto/manual override and the new ultra compact single phase Thyristorstack TST01 are an ideal space and cost saving combination of automation components for the safe and easy control of electric heater elements, infrared lamps or small ac motors.

Using this combination of modules, you receive:

  • a fully function auto/manual override
  • a feedback circuit and indication, that the unit is in manual mode
  • an integrated potentiometer with scaling 0..100%, which equals 0..10VDC output
  • an amplified buffered output signal to drive the power stack

All these functions are combined in a 17,5mm (1TE) wide housing for DIN-rail mounting, with rugged terminals, designed and manufactured in Austria.

The new compact thyristor stack Model TST01 is available from 8A to 25A load current (approx. 1,5kW up to 5,5kW) to control electric heater elements, infrared lamps and small 1ph AC-motors. A 0…10VDC signal is to be used as a control input and of course the fully isolated. The firing mode is phase angle for universal use with resistive and inductive loads and to offer fully continuous control of the RMS load voltage. The ultra slim housing is 45mm (2TE) is made of aluminum and can be mounted on a DIN-rail. No auxiliary voltage supply is necessary, as the units receive the supply via the power terminals that save wiring and external fusing. A digital input is available to start and stop the thyristor power devices.

The combination of both modules gives you an efficient and easy to use method, connecting the thyristor power controller to a controller or control system. Commissioning, service and plant testing is easier and saves labor in changing, connecting and disconnecting wires. Switching the OVP1 to manual mode the control system gets a digital signal that the automatic status is no longer valid.

TST01 meets OVP1