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Tips and tricks: Convert your relay in a timer

RelayGo’s, the Time Cube, connects any brand of 8 and11-pin relay and socket, transforming standard relays into timer relays. As our Time Cubes are compatible with our RM2 and RM3 series is it possible to commute until 10 amps per each contact, that means that with an RM3 relay you could commute 10 amps with three different applications.


Installation could not be easier: Remove the relay, insert the Time Cube in the socket and replace the relay. The Time Cube adds only 25 mm to the overall height of the relay. One of the multiple advantages to use our Time Cube is that you don’t have to replace the whole set, to replace the relay. This solution is offering you a long-term savings besides other product in the market.


Twin contacts. Divide and rule

Would you able to differentiate a twin contact at first glance?

It´s easy to appreciate how in a twin or bifurcated contact, all their blades are divided into two parts, each one with their own contact.

Each of this twin contacts press simultaneously on the independent fixed connections of the relay. And this coordinated effort is most useful when you want to switch low loads with very high reliability.

When should you use a twin contact?

Four of our families (RM, RQ, RF and RR) offer the possibility of including twin contacts, and they are considered the most suitable at the time of switching very low signals -from 1mA @ 5V to 5A-; because they achieved a mean time between failures (MTBF) that optimizes the switching reliability.

All of these features shape the suitable relay in cases where the intallations have such a small signal (below 50 mA) that make a common relay does not work properly. For example, an interface relay for a frequency inverter or an input signal to a PLC.

twin contacts realy

New multi voltage relay for our families works from 24V to 240V AC/DC

Our new multi-voltage relay has been developed to optimize energy consumption and work within a wide voltage range from 24V to 240V AC/DC. The relay electromagnetic system modifications are designed to achieve this revolutionary feature in the relay word.

Made of the best quality materials, this new family of relays are very useful and versatile to the development of new projects and their applications in industry field.

  • Say goodbay to you storage, save money and space.
  • Be environmentally friendly.
  • Forget about voltage and frequency variations.
  • Take part of the change makers movement.
  • Welcome to RelayGo’s new generation!

Why gold contacts matter?

Did you know that our RQ41 standard relays has gold flashed contacts?

Gold flashed contacts (0.2, 0.3 µAu) assure the best switching with low loads and preserve the contacts of oxidation, for example, when the relay is storage. The purpose of the protection is to extend the expected life of the contacts and its reliability under unfavourable weather conditions.

We are the only manufacture that is able to offer under request Gold Plated (2, 3 and 10 µAu) contacts our entire standard relays series.

RelayGo also offers the possibility to use Gold Plated Twin Contacts in all RM, RQ and RF series.

Twin contacts increase the assurance of low loads switching from 1mA@5V up to 5A. We always recommend use Twin Contacts to guaranty the correct reliability of the contacts for electronic controls than need low loads currents. This feature guarantees the decrease of the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) up to levels of full reliability.

If your application needs a current higher than ≈ 2A, we recommend our clients to chose a different type of relay.