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Why gold contacts matter?

Did you know that our RQ41 standard relays has gold flashed contacts?

Gold flashed contacts (0.2, 0.3 µAu) assure the best switching with low loads and preserve the contacts of oxidation, for example, when the relay is storage. The purpose of the protection is to extend the expected life of the contacts and its reliability under unfavourable weather conditions.

We are the only manufacture that is able to offer under request Gold Plated (2, 3 and 10 µAu) contacts our entire standard relays series.

RelayGo also offers the possibility to use Gold Plated Twin Contacts in all RM, RQ and RF series.

Twin contacts increase the assurance of low loads switching from 1mA@5V up to 5A. We always recommend use Twin Contacts to guaranty the correct reliability of the contacts for electronic controls than need low loads currents. This feature guarantees the decrease of the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) up to levels of full reliability.

If your application needs a current higher than ≈ 2A, we recommend our clients to chose a different type of relay.