Supply Pumps – monitoring of supply pumps

Monitoring of supply pumps

Supply Pumps
Monitoring of supply pumps. E1PF400VSY01 Tele Haase product.


Ensuring the correct rotation direction for the supply pump in a hydropower plant.


By monitoring the connected phases for failure and phase sequence, any error status is detected.

If the the rotating field is connected incorrectly when the pump is put into operation, the supply pump does not start.

The rapid detection of phase failure must be ensured in order to prevent the motor and thus the pump from being damaged.


  • Prevention of overload in the event of incorrect running direction and shutdown
  • Safe detection and shutdown in the event of phase failure

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ENAM 58: Floor position system for the elevator

ENAM 58: Floor position system for the elevator

  • Absolut multiturn Encoder with 24 or 25 Bit or CanBus
  • Robust shaft bearings with 800N radial and 300N axial load
  • SSI interface or CAN
  • Special print of ESD and reverse polarity protection
  • Standard WAGO connector
  • Preset value solution for fast installation
  • Price optimal solution
  • 5cm cable or according to customer requirements
  • IP65 according to EN 60529
  • CE compliant EN61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4 and EN 61000-6-6
  • RoHS compliant, EG directives 2002/95/EG
  • Working temperature -30ºC…+85ºC
  • MTBF > 100’000 hours
  • Supply voltage 10…30VDC
  • Current consumption 50mA


These product is useful for the elevator industry from the goods lifts to the high end people transport…

A clever combination: TST01 meets OVP1

OVP1 the TELE auto/manual override and the new ultra compact single phase Thyristorstack TST01 are an ideal space and cost saving combination of automation components for the safe and easy control of electric heater elements, infrared lamps or small ac motors.

Using this combination of modules, you receive:

  • a fully function auto/manual override
  • a feedback circuit and indication, that the unit is in manual mode
  • an integrated potentiometer with scaling 0..100%, which equals 0..10VDC output
  • an amplified buffered output signal to drive the power stack

All these functions are combined in a 17,5mm (1TE) wide housing for DIN-rail mounting, with rugged terminals, designed and manufactured in Austria.

The new compact thyristor stack Model TST01 is available from 8A to 25A load current (approx. 1,5kW up to 5,5kW) to control electric heater elements, infrared lamps and small 1ph AC-motors. A 0…10VDC signal is to be used as a control input and of course the fully isolated. The firing mode is phase angle for universal use with resistive and inductive loads and to offer fully continuous control of the RMS load voltage. The ultra slim housing is 45mm (2TE) is made of aluminum and can be mounted on a DIN-rail. No auxiliary voltage supply is necessary, as the units receive the supply via the power terminals that save wiring and external fusing. A digital input is available to start and stop the thyristor power devices.

The combination of both modules gives you an efficient and easy to use method, connecting the thyristor power controller to a controller or control system. Commissioning, service and plant testing is easier and saves labor in changing, connecting and disconnecting wires. Switching the OVP1 to manual mode the control system gets a digital signal that the automatic status is no longer valid.

TST01 meets OVP1

Tips and tricks: Convert your relay in a timer

RelayGo’s, the Time Cube, connects any brand of 8 and11-pin relay and socket, transforming standard relays into timer relays. As our Time Cubes are compatible with our RM2 and RM3 series is it possible to commute until 10 amps per each contact, that means that with an RM3 relay you could commute 10 amps with three different applications.


Installation could not be easier: Remove the relay, insert the Time Cube in the socket and replace the relay. The Time Cube adds only 25 mm to the overall height of the relay. One of the multiple advantages to use our Time Cube is that you don’t have to replace the whole set, to replace the relay. This solution is offering you a long-term savings besides other product in the market.


100% Fiber optical Cantenary Lift Measuring point


  • Lift information analog or digital
  • 4-20mA, 0-10V DC or TTL RS422
  • Measuring range +/- 300mm
  • Accuracy +/- 0.2mm
  • Reset function
  • Working temperature -40ºC to 80ºC
  • Glass fiber 62,5/125 standard MM Fiber Data export via Ethernet / IP
  • max. wire speed 3m/s
  • Protection class IP67 EN 60529
  • Signal transmission max. 3000m
  • Very robust measuring system
  • All Weather suitable
  • Simple installation using standard
  • Railway infrastructure material

FRL90, Hollow shaft geared cam limit switches with position potentiometer

For Lifting Equipment, presses, mobile masts, military and municipal vehicles…

  • IP68 EN 60529
  • Angle output 0…5kOhm
  • Temp. -45ºC…85ºC
  • without coupling
  • easy mounting
  • 3 rotary limit switches
  • used revolution 1:1 up to 1000:1
  • MIL-S-8805 microswitches
  • MIL-VG-96912A flange socket
  • Cam type free selectable
  • 100% anodized alu. housing
  • Hollow shaft stainless stell
  • CE-RoHS-compliant
  • Shock MIL-STD-810G
  • Meth 503.5


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